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SAEQ case study overview



SAEQ had minimal technical knowledge in B2B software and wanted to develop B2B on demand trucking platform “Uber-for-Trucks”

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We hired a small technical team, prioritized fast product validation with a minimal viable product (MVP). By focusing only on core features we launched the platform in under 45 days. SAEQ validated a revenue-making model. SAEQ invested only in few selected features that solved real problems for the local trucking market. These decisions saved significant cost and time over 3 years.

What we achieved


Revenue Growth

We achieved a remarkable revenue growth by developing an MVP for SAEQ's B2B on-demand trucking platform within 45 days. By focusing on core features that addressed real problems in the local trucking market, we validated a revenue-generating model quickly. This strategic approach allowed SAEQ to make targeted investments, resulting in significant cost and time savings over three years.


Revenue Growth
From 2022-2024

8 months

Product-Market Fit

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Product-Market Fit

We reached product-market fit within 8 months by concentrating on core features that addressed key issues in the local trucking market. Continuous feedback loops and iterative improvements ensured the platform met market demands effectively. This rapid validation allowed SAEQ to fine-tune their offering and establish a strong presence in the market quickly.

Talent Cost

Talent Cost Saving

We realized significant talent cost savings by hiring in regions with lower salary benchmarks, achieving a 62% reduction compared to the KSA market. This strategic hiring approach allowed us to maintain high-quality standards while optimizing expenses. The cost savings were reinvested into further product development and market expansion.


Talent Cost Saving
Compared to KSA Market


Lower Initial Investment
Due to product validation

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Lower Initial Investment

By focusing on fast product validation and developing an MVP with only core features, we lowered the initial investment by 26%. This approach ensured that resources were allocated efficiently, addressing real market needs and minimizing unnecessary expenditures. The cost-effective strategy allowed SAEQ to invest selectively and strategically.

SAEQ Director

“INSHARO taught us how to do 10 years of work in 2 years”

— Director of SAEQ

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